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Vocabulary development

Połącz słowa z jej definicją. Poniżej ćwiczenie na utwalenie

  1. APPEAL _____
  2. EQUIVALENT ____
  3. OUTLAST ____
  5. BLEND ____
  6. ROW ____
  7. OUTRAGEOUS ____
  8. REFLECT ____
  9. LAUNCH ____
  10. CEASE ____
  11. IMPLY ____

a) to start e.g. a major activity, selling a new product or service etc.
b) a combination of e.g. different tastes
c) to suggest that you think sth without saying it directly
d) an argument
e) to stop
f) to show the existence or nature of something
g) shocking, extravagant, very unreasonable etc.
h) a quality that sth has that makes people like it or want it
i) to last longer than sb or sth
j) following one after another in order and with nothing else in between
k) sb or sth that has the same meaning, size, value etc.


  1. He said that the statement didn’t _______________ his own views.
  2. The company announced it will _______________ an advertising campaign of its new product in December.
  3. The government has _____________ all contacts with rebels.
  4. She stands out in the crowd because she wears _________________ clothes.
  5. He’s been late now on three _______________ days.

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