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More advanced vocabulary

Czerwiec 1, 2015
 to keep one’s wits about one To be ready to think clearly and calmly about something that may be difficult
 to be at one’s wits’ end Very worried because you have tried everything possible to solve a problem
 to be scared out of one’s wits Very frightened
to the best of one’s knowledge As far as I know
common knowledge Everybody knows about it
to have something on the brain Keep thinking about something all the time so that it annoys you
to pick somebody’s brains Ask someone a lot of questions to find out everything they know about a particular subject to help you
to rack one’s brains Try very hard to think of an idea or remember something
to set one’s mind on something/doing something To be determined to achieve something or decide that you definitely want to have it
to spring to mind To think of somebody or something immediately

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