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Advanced vocabulary development

Połącz zwrot z jego definicją

 To get hold of the wrong end of the stick To diminish
 To talk at cross-purposes New-fangled
 To get a word in edgeways A twist of fate
 To be like a bear with a sore head To whizz about
 Downmarket To get told off
 Hands-on experience To get a buzz from
 Bootleg To go off the deep end
A nest eggGrounding
 Conspicuous To interfere with
 Shortcomings To confide in sb
 To be in the red In-laws
 Far-fetched Mores
 Conscientious Heyday
 To enhance Quirk
 Vulnerable To surpass
 A film buff Laid-back
 Innocuous To unravel
 Engrossing To hone
 To fend for oneself To take everything in your stride
 Affliction A lobe

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